19 May, 2011

Do You Goby?

Goby.com is one of my new favorite travel apps!  Now you can find things to do while planning your next vacation, or even ON your current vacation all at the push of a button.  Your iPad, iPhone and Android are now even more valuable with this new app from Goby.

I think the think I'm most excited about it how EASY PEASY this app is to use!  Seriously, just type in the location you are heading to, dates if applicable, and let Goby do the rest.  They have over 6 million things to do around the USA!  You can even narrow it down to family, music, outdoors, or even restaurants!  Kinda like that little yellow book we all know, but WAY cooler and easier to use!

I recently went on and planned our future trip to Carmel, CA.  Take a look at this link to see everything you can do in Carmel...Carmel on Goby.  It's a fabulous place to visit for families, couples and outdoor enthusiasts! 

It gets even better!  Goby is giving away an iPad2 and an iPod to a lucky Twitter party member on May 23rd!  Read all about it here, and you could be traveling in style with Goby on your side.

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