21 May, 2011

A Princess Ball...A Night She'll Always Remember

This past weekend, my little girl turned 5.  Turning 5 is a big one!  It's right up there with 10, 13, 16 and 21!  And as a 5 year old, her world revolves around everything princess and romance.  I find it terribly endearing...that she has such a love for true love.  She is already waiting for her prince to come.  So, for her birthday present this year, we went dress shopping for a royal ball!  

Eden had no idea why I was dragging her from store to store, trying to find the perfect ball dress.  She would have settled with the first purple dress we saw!  But it wasn't a ball gown, it was a party dress.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  Anyway, two days before the ball, we found the most beautiful dress...just stunning!  It was a size 7.  No problem!  Here in the UAE, there's a seamstress on EVERY corner, and your work is done in about 20 minutes!  I kid you not, within 20 minutes, we had an altered dress that fit like a glove!

Now for the surprise.  She's dressed and ready, and still has no clue that she's going to a ball!  Daddy came out in his suit with a tie to match Eden's dress.  They looked so great together.  Then he showed her the event tickets with the horse and carriage on them.  Her eyes lit up, her mouth turned upward,and her face just beamed.  She knew she was going to a ball.

I was so giddy inside, knowing how truly happy my little girl was.  She was going to live out a dream.  She watches Enchanted and Tangled almost daily.  She talks about them, dreams about them, and just adores them.  Now she got to be a princess in a real ball gown.  So, off they went to enjoy the evening...just Eden and her daddy.  When they returned home, I got to hear all about the other princesses...the REAL princesses, Snow White, Belle, Cinderella and Aurora!  That just melted my heart.  She also enjoyed some chocolate covered marshmallows, dancing, coloring, story time and other festive ball-type activities.

Happy Birthday Eden!  We love you!

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