28 April, 2012

Hello, Cupcake! App

Have you downloaded it yet?  Have you?  Have you?  The Hello, Cupcake book just got even better...it's now available in app form.  You can bring the cupcakes to life wherever you are, any time of day.  With stunning visuals and step by step instructions on your iPad and iPhone, you'll be able to create all your favorites.
You are in charge of how fast or slow the instructions proceed, giving you time to master all the techniques and turn out your perfect cupcake for that special someone (or yourself!).  There's even a baking tray to keep all the cupcake projects you want to work on for easy finding.  The app starts you off with ten great cupcakes, and then for only .99 each, you can buy more libraries of cupcakes just waiting to be brought to life.

 You think this is just for you adult cupcake enthusiasts?  No way!  Hand the app over to your kids.  They can watch all the cupcakes "play" using animation.  My kids could sit for hours just watching these, as they giggle away, especially my little animal lover. 

You know me, I LOVE to bake, and ALWAYS make my kids' cakes and cupcakes.  This app just helped me step up my game, and I'm so excited to start baking now.

My favorite things about it
* It's portable.  I can be in the store selecting all the items needed while referring to the recipes.
* It's full of vibrant photos and videos to keep me entertained and wanting more.
* It's kid friendly...I secretly hope my kids get my addiction for baking, and I think this might help.