30 August, 2013

Fresher Food Overseas?

Now this is what I call fresh eggs.  Since living in the UAE, we've noticed things are more "organic" than back home.  We often find our eggs covered in feathers (and other chicken 'stuff'), instead of cleaned and pretty.  This doesn't just go for eggs either!  We've found feathers on chicken too!  

Vegetables in the local markets (excluding Spinneys and Choithrams) come in odd shapes and colors and are frequently covered in dirt, or at least spots of dirt.  They aren't uniform in size nor shiny and colorful.  You can find produce represented by at least ten different countries in one store alone.  Kenyan avocado anyone?

29 August, 2013

Our First Vine Video

Have you heard of Vine?  It's an app for iPhone or Android and its pretty much amazing.  Take up to 6 seconds to feature whatever you want, like a mini-preview.  You can shoot, upload and share right from the app.  Shoot scenes from where you are, of a project you're working on or highlights of your day of sightseeing.  Vine gained 13 million users in only 5 months.  Are you Vined yet?

The Packing Timeline

Last night, six hours before having to leave for a week long trip, my husband was finishing his packing.  Is this a guy thing or a person traveling alone thing?  If it were me, traveling alone, I'd be organizing, checking off a list, laying out outfits and planning at least two days before the trip.  I know, this is totally a girl thing to do.  But how can you pack last minute like that and be sure you have everything you need?  I'm waiting for that text message from my husband telling me he forgot something.  Of course, if I were traveling with my family, I'd be planning a week out.  But I'm curious, when do you pack?