26 June, 2010

Evo '10...An AMAZING conference...you can't miss.

Today I had the pleasure of meeting amazing women.  A LOT of them.  Women with kids, without kids, with a brand spanking new business, with established businesses...the whole range.  You know what was amazing about them?  They were ALL there to share!  Talk about an idea-fest!  This was it!

In the brief amount of time I was able to attend, I met more amazingly successful women than I ever thought I could at one time.  Women with the TOP blogs!  PR firms SHARING ideas to help us be more successful!  Moms who just want any bits and pieces of information to help them get started!  The common theme...SOCIAL MEDIA!  

If you have a business, a story, even wonderful thoughts and photography...get online!  Even Oprah's producers from HARPO knew how important this event was, and came to speak about the importance of social media...and guess what...we're just at the beginning of a big explosion.  We haven't seen ANYTHING yet.  From Twitter to Facebook to Blogger and beyond...find them, use them, and love them!

I am so grateful for the experience I had today.  A few hours of personal development that will last a lifetime as I put the ideas to practice.  ALWAYS keep evolving...stay fresh...and stay interesting!  Find your audience, your voice, and your passion, and run with it!  And PLEASE get out and get to these conferences...you need to keep your brain moving forward...as well as meet more and more amazing people who are there to help you succeed!

Thank you Evo '10!

06 June, 2010

My Girls' Birthday Party

This weekend I put together a magical birthday party for my two girls.  Eden turned 4 in May, and Ellison will turn 2 in June.  To save my sanity, I held one party!  Eden wanted a Princess Tiana party, so I compromised with her, and stuck with a color theme, while adding frog accents and Tiana presents.  :)  She thought it was wonderful.  

This first collage shows the party table.  We used blue, green, and purple for the party colors, which I think looked beautiful together.  I used green and blue cupcake papers, and made purple frosting to top them off.  I picked a fun, fanciful font to use for the 2, 4, E cupcake toppers and party bag tags.  We had blue raspberry, green apple, and grape licorice sticks, blue raspberry and grape rock candy sticks, Haribo frog candies, and some fun small suckers. The kids had a ball sampling a little of everything, and I'm proud to say, they didn't indulge or eat all of anything!  :)
This next collage is of little Miss Ellison.  She had a ball hitting the froggie pinata, opening a Trunki for her travels, and her favorite present...Jessie from Toy Story 2!
The last collage is of Miss Eden.  I think her favorite was the Belle dress she received as a gift.  She is just a princess!