23 April, 2011

UAE Finds! Things I Want To Share With You!

So, shopping in the UAE is unreal.  I've never been to Rodeo Drive, but I imagine the UAE like Rodeo Drive on Crack.  Seriously, there are so many name brands and high end stores here, I'm still, 8 months later, in awe!  I'm always pointing, oooooohing, aweing, and even a little drooling.

However, I'm a mama on a budget, so I like to find the hidden treasures here.  I like to search out local handicrafts or street fair finds.  Recently, we went to Dubai and found this little gem.

 It's created by Luna Bliss, and they are beautiful and versatile!  It is a long and wide piece of fabric, adorned with silver accent pieces from around the World.  It can be wrapped in so many ways, the possibilities are endless!  Even as a head wrap!  We just fell in love with all her pieces, it was so hard to choose just one!  However, we did find the perfect on for my mother-in-law for her birthday.  I've never seen such pieces like this back home, but it sparks an idea!  One I want to be in on!

And that's a beautiful find from Dubai.

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