17 October, 2013

Reflection Time...Moving Half Way Around the World

I recently came across some videos I took of our house and the children right before moving overseas.  Some videos just captured our home and neighborhood as a way to share them with the kids down the road, and some were of the kids saying goodbye to friends.

This one broke my heart.  It was the last video I took before leaving.  We had been preparing the kids for the move for months in advance, but you never really know how they're feeling unless you ask.  At this point, our house was empty and we were heading out to the in-laws for our last two weeks in the USA.  The children had tearfully given their dog to a family friend just days before.  We were chaotic, running around with last minute details, and all I really wanted was to know how the kids were feeling, so I asked.  You can see moments of getting choked up, but also the excitement of a new destination.

I think they were just as confused as I was about the move, but I'm so glad things have worked out so well.  They have made wonderful new friends, seen things they'd never dreamed, and now call the UAE home.  I think its time for another "check-in" with the kids...stay tuned for an updated video!

Question:  How did your kids feel when you were moving overseas?  What were they sad about?  What were they excited about?

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