02 September, 2013

Kid-Free Zones on Airlines

Have you heard about the latest buzz surrounding airlines and kids?  Several Asian airlines are the forerunners in now offering kid-free zones on flights, hoping to appease those who want little to do with kids on flights.  Seriously?  AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines think they've come up with the solution, and its expected that more airlines will follow. 

I can understand not wanting to hear a baby cry, a kid scream or a frantic mother shouting at her kids to be quiet.  Have you been in her shoes?  I bet she's more terrified of your reactions and thoughts about her parenting and her kids than you even care to consider.  As parents, we do what we can, when we can.  A flight might just be one of the most unpredictable situations we can put our children in, and we just hope and pray that they make it through peacefully without anyone scrutinizing.  But "hiding" children on a flight is like having smoking and non-smoking areas on a flight...it didn't work.

Several companies, like Etihad and Emirates are doing it right.  They are providing goodie bags, toys and even stuffed animals and blankets...all with the child's peace of mind at heart.  Etihad has even just recently announced their brilliant program, Flying Nannies!  They  know families need to travel and they know its not always easy.  Here, they've come up with an idea to help parents and kids instead of hiding them.  "They’re here to provide an extra pair of hands – whether it’s helping to get the children settled for bed, keeping them entertained or simply offering advice and support to parents." -Etihadairways.com

What's your take on "kid-free" zones?  Peter Greenberg shared his thoughts as well.

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