24 August, 2011

I've Gone Fabric & Ribbon Crazy!

All these crafts I'm attempting lately, you'd think I was nesting, waiting for the arrival of another baby!  (Just in case you're hoping this is true...NOPE!).  I don't know what it is...having so much quiet free time this summer, longing for products from home and getting overly excited when I find SOME here, or just being a total homemaker (wow, never used that word to describe myself), but I've gone fabric and ribbon nuts!

It all started about two weeks ago when I picked up a roll of paper towels and thought, hmmmm, this would be the perfect size to hold all my girls headbands!  Sure enough, I started placing their headbands on the nice cushy paper towel roll, and they fit perfectly.  All I needed was some fabric to make it pretty!  

From there, I went to a friend who makes beautiful hair bows, and I finally learned how to make them myself!  That day, we made 12 hair bows for my girls...at a fraction of the cost in the stores.  

Some of the bows I made...fun!
 Well, I was now hooked on ribbon and fabric!  What else could I make???  I started thinking cheap wall art to coordinate with the kids rooms.  And there it was...I would make a memo board, using coordinating fabric to the room, and the memo board would turn into their dream board. 

My son's memo/dream board
 Next, I needed a nice place to hang all those bows I'd made, and all the ones we've collected over the years.  So...I made bow holders for each room.  

Ellison's bow holder made on canvas with different types of ribbon.
 Lastly...I had all this left over ribbon of different sizes, textures, and lengths...what would I do with it?  Throw it away?  NOOOOO!  Using a wire hanger, I made one more piece of coordinating wall art...ribbon monograms!  I now had beautiful pieces of "wall art" for each of the girls' rooms, all made with very simple supplies.

The "E" made from a wire hanger and scraps of ribbon
 I thought about doing the step-by-step directions for each item, but then I thought I'd just send you on your way to check out the tutorials on other sites explained much better than I would!  Of all the ones I searched, I found these to be the most informative and cute!  So, take a look at how to make these adorable ideas for your little girl's (or boy's) room the next time you're feeling crafty!

*I did not paint mine as I didn't want to room too busy.

*I used a roll of paper towels as I liked the softness of it.

*I used a blank canvas and did not use batting.

*If you want the real templates for his, buy from Nobownogo.com

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