19 July, 2010

The 10 Do's of Thank You Note Writing

1.  Send the thank you note right away, or as soon as you are able.  Don't let too much time go by before letting someone know what they did meant something to you.

2.  Informal stationery is perfectly acceptable for a thank you note, EXCEPT for a wedding.  Use a nice wedding stationery for your thank you notes.

3.  Use the giver's name or title!  Often overlooked in many thank you notes, as we are in a hurry just to get it written and send.  The salutation starts it off right.

4.  Identify clearly what you are thanking them for and how it will be put to use...express your gratitude for it.  If it's money, don't define the amount, simply thank them for their gratitude.

5.  Address your envelope to the specific people who gave the gift.  If it was a family, address it to the head(s) of household.

6.  Everyone who has sent either a personal note, flowers or some other form of a gift should get a written thank you. If you are unable to write the notes, a close friend or family member may write them on your behalf.

7.  Send a thank you note after receiving wedding/bridal/baby shower gifts, holidays/birthdays/bar-bat mitzvah/graduation/other gifts, condolences in any form written/flowers/donations, when someone has treated you to dinner/concert/event, after an interview, or just when you feel the urge!
8.  ALWAYS try to use an original thank you note for each person you send to, instead of using a pre-printed form style thank you where you insert a name, the gift, and sign your name.  For children, this is acceptable as they are learning to write and learning the etiquette. 

9.  Beyond thanking people for the gifts they gave you, make sure to write thank you notes to those who threw the event for you, or helped plan for the event.

10.  Multiple gifts from one person, mention each gift specifically.  Don't say "Thank you for the gifts".

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Shrine Readers said...

Great list! The 'thank you' note is not a favorite of mine. I know I need to send them and I do but it is always a chore. Why is that? Anyway, very creative list!

Colleen said...

Hello! I just found your blog (after our twitter chat yesterday) - it's very cute! :) I'm doing the Problogger challenge too, which is how I found you in the first place. I appreciate this list, I'm kind of terrible with thank you's and it infuriates my mother. ;)

Anonymous said...

What great tips! Thanks for sharing ...